Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random House Buck Rogers Pop-Up Book

Spotted online for sale in a toy forum is this cool looking Buck Rogers Pop-Up Book published by Random House in I have to assume, 1979-1980. Cheap and as yet unsold. Contact for more info if interested in procuring this fine tome before it's gone. Biddy-Biddy-Biddy...

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  1. I always found the pop-up book to be a highly underrated collectible. I have but a few in my collection, but honestly, to me, few things are cooler. My only wish would have been that Power Records would have come in a pop-up variety. Then my head would have simply exploded and I would have died a happy and completely contented pop culture collector. Imagine . . . a pop-up POWER RECORDS PRESENTS! THE MARK OF THE MANWOLF!!! Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrooooo!!!!