Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real Action Hero 450 Red Go Ranger - Medicom 2000(?)

Name: Gorenger -1
Scale: ?
Manufacturer: Medicom/Time House
Year: 2000(?)
Materials: Plastic, Vinyl
Country of Origin: Japan
Price: $25 - $100 each
Acquired Via: Yahoo Japan

In the last post we highlighted the Red and Blue 1/6 Go Rangers from Medicom, to compliment that piece, I thought a quick review of the RAH 450 Red Ranger might be of interest. I actually purchased this piece thinking that it was merely a loose regular Medicom 1/6 figure, sold without a box. Anyone who has ever perused Rinkya and used their Translate feature knows what I mean, it's almost as difficult to understand the English the site spits out as it is to someone who cannot read Japanese. Anyway, I win it for next to nothing, a Buy It Now as I recall and when it arrived I was shocked to pull out an almost 20" figure from this unassuming brown box. I assumed it may have been a promo item, as it has almost not articulation save the head and some rotation of the gloves and boots, the gloves can be removed but the boots are stuck firmly in place. It does however have a cloth suit and cape along with a holster and removable pistol. If you are familiar with the early 1/6th RAH figures, picture a giant version of that crappy black body the uniform is on.

The costume features some really nice touches, like natural looking creases and weathering on the boots and gloves that looks just fantastic, as if the actor walked right off the set of the TV show. The cape can be removed via snaps, and unlike the 1/6 version is all cloth so no sticking or cracking. The holster is a nice faux leather and the chest features a vinyl 'V' that is well applied and pops nicely. The belt is also nicely detailed.

From attempting to decipher the broken English on Rinkya, it seems that they were mail order for Club Toei members which would explain that the only other ones I've ever seen commonly are all Kamen Riders, in fact JohnnyBoy has the Kamen V3 which we may cover in a future post. Among the others in this series, a few random Kamen Riders including the obscure but loved Amazon(!) and even as recent as the garish Kuuga. Other rare pieces include Kikaider, Hakaider and Space Sherrif Gavan(!), don't see these ones much and when you do they generally go for quite a bit more.

So great piece, not an action figure at all, but for those of you Jumbo lovers, these would look fine peppered among your Machinders and other larger pieces on your toy shelves. A cool affordable piece with alot of visual pop.

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