Monday, April 4, 2011

Collectors or Hoarders?

As I was going through things yesterday to prepare for a post, rummaging through numerous plastic bins it hit me how much of a fine line there is between collecting and hoarding, and how quickly one can accumulate and ungodly amount of stuff. This after my fist major move in over 5 years and finally being talked into thinning out my collection via a dealer table at a local show. But this is what this blog is all about, the sickness and disease that is collecting, ugh...some days it makes me sick to my stomach and feels like an overbearing monkey on my back, whereas most, I love everything I have and could not bear to part with one piece...this sickness.


  1. It ain't hoarding 'til you done got an empty milk carton amid yer stuff. Do you have an empty milk carton in your collectibles? Didn't think so. So quit yer soul searchin' and enjoy having an appreciation for things others bypass. It's a gift, not a curse. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Just remember to throw out them milk cartons. That's when the crazy starts to happen.

  2. The evil eye sees all . . . including future posts by Mr. Mal Occhio. In time, in time.

  3. And no, a Batman Bread Bag doesn't count. It has freakin' BATMAN on it! Thereby, that's a collectible (as are the several empty bags of Lays and Doritos I have in my collection -- flattened, boarded and bagged -- that have super dudes on the front, like Spidey, Hulk and The Thing).