Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mega Size Gundam - Building the 1/48th Scale Giant Part 2

Finding the time to work on this is kit is harder than I thought, The Stanley Cup Playoffs and lots of overtime at work are making free time scarce. But as I said in the first post, this kit is really easy to put together, I figure 3-4 hours maximum with no painting or detailing.

Looking at reviews of Gunpla kits online is making me wish I had worked on the panels, it's not too late the kit is large enough and can easily be broken down but I'm not 100% confident in my skills just yet.

Smooth sailing, this thing is going together like a dream. And just like when you start thumbing that last 50 or so pages of a good book, I'm taking my time.

I attached the legs to the crotch area and built up the torso. The amount of articulation and range the joint have is pretty amazing.

I also attached the back pack and rockets, again these parts are aching for some weathering and details, but I'll just have to be happy with a more toy like finished product.

Next up the arms, shoulders and the head, and we're pretty much done. I'll be sure to include more detailed pics of the finished piece.

I'll tell you, trolling the Gunpla sites if anything re awakened my interest in Turn A, so much so that I'm considering the MG kit for my next project, this time with plans to paint and detail.

Stay tuned for the last part this week.

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