Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hot Toys Superman

Finally, after a tease earlier this week Hot Toys have released some official publicity shots of their 1/6 Superman based on the likeness of Christopher Reeve. One of the most requested and awaited 12'' figures of all time, and so far HT did not disappoint. Sure it's a hair off, the eyes and as some have mentioned the thickness of the neck, but there is no doubt that the artisans at Hot Toys will strive for their usual level of perfection and make a few tweaks before he arrives in late 2011.

The Sideshow exclusive comes with the Kryptonite necklace Lex Luthor placed around his neck when he was trapped in the pool of the villain's underground lair, before he was freed by a good-hearted and definitely sexy, Miss Tessmacher. Here's hoping they treat this property as more of a line and less of a one off.

I'd love to see, more than a Zod, Lex or Clark, a version of the eveil alter ego hard drinkin' Superman from the terribly flawed Superman III (SDCC Exclusive?) Preorder now folks, this is going to sell faster than any previous HT offering guaranteed.

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