Saturday, May 7, 2011

Toy Beauty - Syroco Spiderman

This was a pleasant surprise. Having been a big fan of the Dark Horse Classic Comics Characters line of Syroco styled figurines since the beginning, I have unfortunately not actually bought all that many, A) Due to their pricing usually in the $50 range and B) they are so niche, actually finding them in stores is pretty rare, in fact in the 10 or so years since they've been churning them out, I've happened across only two (Felix The Cat and The Green Llama)! I still hold hope that I'll wander into a Comic Shop one day and find a whole bunch of them on clearance at 50% off, in the meantime I did grab the Golden Age DC ones with the exception of The Flash, and find those a bit hit (Batman) and miss (Wonder Woman) but they have their charm and are definitely an acquired taste geared exclusively to collectors in my age bracket.

Judging by the press image of the first planned release Spiderman, the Marvel ones already look a whole lot better and I'll bite, especially with news that Daredevil, the FF and The Avengers are all on the way in their classic Silver Age versions, it's like Marvelmania all over again!

For the skinny, check out the official DH press release here

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