Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Death Ray

Finally my prayers have been answered and someone decided to make a Death Ray toy! From Press POP, the Japanese company behind the Enid Fashon Doll from years back as well as many other cool toys based on the works of Clowes, Bagge, Woodring, Pruett and Ware. This 12'' Doll will be limited to only 200(!) pieces and goes on sale tomorrow for $105 USD. Assumed to tie in with the upcoming hardcover D+Q re release of the celebrated 23rd issue of Eightball originally published in 2004.

And I was just thinking of trying to make a Mego custom from a Spiderman beater I had...this is really a dream come true...hope I get one! More information at the official Press POP site here.

The Death Ray Hardcover is expected in stores Fall 2011.


  1. I came across this blog in my search for discussion of this doll. It's available to buy right now. I'm thinking of buying but I'm struggling to pull the trigger. I really like Clowes a whole lot but the price on this, for what it is, is kind of tough to take (and I'm no stranger to high-priced toys). There's also a couple of niggling dislikes (the width of the chest, most of all, and the collar of the shirt covering the blue top).

    Have you decided if you're certain to buy it yet or are you hesitating like me?

  2. I'm a bit of a Clowes freak so it was a no brainer for me. I've managed to buy just about every doll I can find, as well as record covers, t-shirts and as many editions of his books as they put out.

    I actually pulled the trigger and bought it on Thursday night. I was worried it would sell out really fast and it looks like were left at least when I checked Friday. I have no issues with the body, it seems fairly 'gangly' and accurate. Maybe the blue could have been lighter. But it is limited to 200, the box is hand silk screened and you can always replace the body with a more muscular one...

    Let me know what you decide to do. I'll also post a review when I get him next month. Thanks for visiting and posting :)

  3. I ended up buying it too, I paid for it yesterday. I put it on pre-order when the option first came up but for a day after that I was trying to decide whether to pay or cancel. I was worried it was somehow going to sell out immediately too, the sale page seemed to really be suggesting it would be gone within hours and you had to be quick.

    I feel very good about ordering now, no regrets. I was really hesitating before but after paying for it I feel like I've made the right choice here and look forward to receiving it.

    I will look out for your review.

  4. I doubt you'll be disappointed when you receive, open and pose. I'm just happy it's coming out in July and not Q4 2011.

    Thanks again for the visit, stay tuned.