Saturday, June 4, 2011

Toy Shelves

I woke this morning and had a look outside to see what the weather was like and as I glanced to my right, I noticed how good the top shelf of one of my more neglected toy cabinets was looking. Neglected only because it's in a front room I spend very little time in but I've managed to keep adding pieces here and there as I endlessly shuffle my other display cabinets contents. This top shelf represents a good cross section of pretty much all of my toy interests, you have some vintage American and Japanese 70's pieces (Mego Iron Man, Lone Ranger, Micronauts and Spiderman) as well as some of the vintage vinyl (Kamen Rider, Ultraman), newer Japanese vinyl and die cast robots, as well as some 80's curios...I really like variety and organized clutter, not a fan of sets and grouping. I've always made my display philosophy more like that of a random crazy persons toy store I'd wander into on vacation and spend hours there deciding what one piece I'd buy...enjoy.

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  1. Sweet pic! Glad I found your blog. Great stuff! We share similar tastes.